Graduate Seminar

The Arctic as an Emerging Region

Woman Cutting Whale Blubber

Starting the Feast (Foodland Security)

The University of Washington offers numerous graduate level classes focused on or highly relevant to the polar regions.  A new seminar offers graduate students a unique opportunity to explore interdisciplinary policy-relevant themes with faculty and students from diverse fields of study.  In “The Arctic as an Emerging Region”, students develop research projects that will lead to publishable manuscripts.  Over an academic year, students explore interdisciplinary themes related to the Arctic as a dramatically changing region, draft proposals for cross-disciplinary research with societal or policy relevance, conduct research and submit a manuscript for publication. The Arctic seminar is offered jointly by faculty from Anthropology, Canadian Studies, and Oceanography.

Competitive proposals from students taking the seminar (or submitted independently) are eligible for financial support from the Canadian Studies Center.  Funding comes from a grant by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, part of which was awarded to the Canadian Studies Center for “Re-Imagining Area Studies in the 21st Century: The Arctic as an Emerging Global Region.” More information, including links to the classes and student projects as they develop, is available at the Arctic Seminar web site.