Collaboration with Artists

Mt. Waddington (ice core) Reliquary by Anna McKee (2013, Francine Sedars Gallery, Seattle).

Mt. Waddington Reliquary
by Anna McKee (2013)

A number of glaciolgists at UW are delighted to have had the opportunity to support the work of Seattle Artist Anna McKee.  Anna was the National Science Foundation “Artists in Residence” in Antarctica in 2009.  Much of her recent work derives from the beauty of ice, and the research done by University of Washington scientists (and others) on the polar ice caps.  Check out Anna’s web site at

Kristin Laidre of the Polar Science Center has worked  with artist Maria Coryell-Martin on a collaborative project, Imaging the Arctic, whose mission is to “create a collection of stories and powerful imagery based on field art and science to inspire stewardship for the Arctic and our global environment.