Executive Committee

Activities under the “Future of Ice” Initiative are coordinated by a board representing centers and programs from across the University of Washington. The Executive consists of Eric Steig, Chair (Quaternary Research Center / Earth and Space Sciences), Ben Fitzhugh (Quaternary Research Center / Anthropology), Axel Schweiger (Polar Science Center, the Applied Physics Lab) and Nadine Fabbi (Canadian Studies Center).


Current Board embers include Cecilia Bitz (Atmospheric Sciences), Jody Deming (Oceanography), Nadine Fabbi (Canadian Studies Center), Ben Fitzhugh (Anthropology and Quaternary Research Center), Vincent Gallucci (School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and Canadian Studies Center), Tom Leschine (School of Marine Affairs), Bruce Nelson (Earth and Space Sciences), Axel Schweiger (Applied Physics Labortoray), Eric Steig (Earth and Space Sciences), Luanne Thompson (Program on Climate Change and Oceanography), and Rebecca Woodgate (Polar Science Center).

Task Force

The Future of Ice Initiative was developed by a “Task Force” of faculty appointed by Lisa Graumlich, Dean of the College of the Environment. The Task Force represented interdisciplinary centers, departments and programs from across the university.  Members of the Task Force form the initial board for the Initiative.

Eric Steig Ben Fitzhugh Axel Schweiger
Eric Steig
Quaternary Research Center
Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Ben Fitzhugh
Quaternary Research Center
Department of Anthropology
Axel Schweiger
Polar Science Center
Nadine Fabbi Luanne Thompson Jody Deming
Nadine Fabbi
Canadian Studies Center (Associate Director)
Luanne Thompson
School of Oceanography
Program on Climate Change (Director)
Jody Deming
School of Oceanography
Luanne Cecilia Bitz Rebecca Woodgate
Vince Gallucci
School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Canadian Studies Center (Associate Director)
Cecilia Bitz
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Rebecca Woodgate
Polar Science Center