Artist’s collaboration with UW polar scientists, at the Nevada Museum of Art

exhibition_2016_Anna-McKee_WAIS-Reliquary_wholesculpture-309x206Anna McKee’s West Antarctic Ice Sheet Reliquary will be on display at the Nevada Museum of Art, May 28, 2016 to September 18, 2016.  The work is a sculptural installation comprised of 3,405 glass ampules that she sewed to 678 silk panels in a long hanging row creating a subtly swaying wave form. The installation’s form is the expression of 68,000 years of temperature history from an ice sheet.  In 2009, McKee visited the WAIS Divide Ice Core field camp in Antarctica through the National Science Foundations Artist and Writers program. She interviewed scientists, watched ice being drilled from a two-mile deep ice sheet and spent hours drawing the white open space. In 2012, Eric Steig, Professor of Glaciology at the University of Washington, invited her to fabricate the glass ampules for the WAIS Reliquary at his research lab, using surplus water samples from over three kilometers of glacier ice. He and several graduate students also shared data and insights that contributed to the design of the reliquary.  More more information, see: